Purpose Fulfilling Roar!

“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me; your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever. Do not forsake the work of your hands.” Psalms 138:8 ESV

Have you ever felt like – “Why does the enemy keep attacking me so much?” Well my friend, it just might be because you are a threat to his kingdom. You see, the more you become settled and begin to walk out God’s Kingdom purpose for your life, satan becomes upset.  He will use people, circumstances and even try to bring up your past.

The last few weeks have been very challenging for me. But before I go into detail, let me give you some background.  I have been taking this course called School of Kingdom Ministry (SOKM) since September of last year. This course has really confirmed and opened my eyes even more to my purpose and my role in God’s Kingdom.  There have been so many things the Lord has revealed to me about making Kingdom impact in people’s lives and what it’s going to take.  There are several things He is calling me to walk out and I promise you if He doesn’t do it through me…it will not get accomplished.

In the midst of experiencing these awesome revelations, here I am, still processing the loss of my mom and other things in my life, homeschooling our kids, managing our home, our business and volunteering in various roles.  With all of this, I don’t have time for the enemy and his mess. But, he keeps coming because his plans are to steal, to kill and to destroy.  If he can steal your joy or your peace, he has won. If he can make you question your identity, he has won. If he can destroy your relationships, he has won.  Let me say this LOUD and CLEAR. DO NOT LET him win!

Most people who know me have said you are a strong person and that is true to an extent. I say that because God has ministered His strength to me throughout my life. So when I share this with you I promise you no rise of alarm is needed and I hope you can handle this transparent moment with love and grace.  In the last couple of months there have been times when I felt like the wind kept getting knocked out of me, there has been times when I have found tears streaming down my face several days of the week/nights, there has been times when I felt like my heart was going to burst out of my chest because of anxiety from various things in my life and the world around us (people are dealing with a lot).

Remember I told you about the class I was in; well, the last 4-5 weeks we have been discussing the Holy Spirit’s role in healing people from any form of bondage that they may be experiencing.  These teaching have really gripped my heart. It’s something that I have always been really passionate about walking out. Because I have resolved to walk it out, guess what happens? Yep. You your right; attacks from the enemy!  He starts saying, “Oh so you want to be instrumental in freeing people? Well, let’s see if you are free?”  Literally memories of my past mistakes started flashing before my eyes.  It was as if the enemy was like, are you sure you want people to know about that? I kid you not, for a moment I was gripped with anxiety by it.  But then, I remembered I have history with ABBA!  God’s word tells me that there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus.  So, as I have done so many times before, this daughter calls out for her Father.  I take this into my prayer room, and you know what happens in my prayer room. Papa meets me there and reminds me of how He sees me and that whatever I have been through will only serve to help someone else gain their freedom.

So, when the wind was knocked out of me, God gave me fresh breathe. When I found tears streaming down my face, God cleared my eyes and gave me clear vision. When anxiety threaten to consume my life, God spoke peace and calmed my heart.

I hear PURPOSE ROARING inside of me! I am stronger than I think! His strength is made perfect in my weakness. I am equipped to fulfill my purpose and you know what, SO ARE YOU!

May the ROAR of your Purpose fuel your destiny, advance the Kingdom of GOD and make hell tremble.

As always, blessings from a daughter of the King.